Branding is the face of your business!

Seth Godin has a great definition of brand that addresses this point:

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

A brand is a mixture of a logo, personality, emotions, packaging, typography, product quality, customer service and price. It’s how you put your corporate image infront of your customer or audience.

Corporate Visual Branding -

Following is a short case study of how we branded for one of our client


A Short Case Study

Short Introduction

The Burger Patty is a local online premium burger sellers and new entrants in town. Since the type of food they were offering was directly related to the age group of 16-35 years therefore the brand had to resonate with that age group. The brand persona had to be clear and also show the characteristics like premium-quality burgers with low-cost price tag, hygienic and great customer care, the company was offering.

The Burger Patty Logo
Solving the puzzle at SkillSteer -

Solving the puzzle

On the initial stage we brainstormed, researched and did the competitive analysis. Since this is the iterative process therefore we rinsed and repeated until we came to some definitive conclusion.

Mood Board

After lots of research and brainstorming, we laid the mood board which is a key to move forward and put all the ideas on the single place. The mood board comprises rough ideas to be put together like what elements to be used in logo, how the logo should be, the colors to be used in the official branding, typography etc.

Mood Board -
Putting it all

Putting all together to shape it up!

Once the ideal elements are finalized, it’s time to put together all of them to shape it up. Here we sketched the possible logo ideas by combining different elements and typography we brainstormed earlier.

Typography and Color Palette

In this step the typography and official color palette is finalized. We take extra care to finalize these structural elements for the brand since typography and colors are the key to a successful brand and shall be carried out to all of the marketing collateral, therefore we give extra attention on their details and outcomes.

Sketching a Logo - an outcome

This step lead to multiple iterations to finalize the logo which is also supposed to be the face of the company. We gathered all the elements and merged in a way that it should resonate with the company’s identity.



Finalizing logo, typography and colors were just a start, we had to go further with the branding by package designing and designing other marketing collaterals like flyers and menu card.

Following is a glimpse of the menu flyer we designed for The Burger Patty

Menu Flyer - The Burger Patty